Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tall Bars and Low Cars

Reverse trike

If I remember correctly a company in Euorpe had HD develope this trike for them. HD only made two of the prototypes for the company. The company did not want any HD logos on the trike.

Sweet Evo

stolen form the Church of Choppers blog

Soft Chop


I am not usaully into "Baggers" but this is a local chap that rides his bagger with a foot clutch jockey shift setup on his Road king!

Richie Pan

Here is a photo of Richie Pans bikes Knuck,Pan and Shovel! Great looking bikes Richie!


Pin Up

Another Knuckle



Chopped Top..

I love wagons!!

This "Thing" is pretty tight too!

Knees in the breeze

Richie Pan does it again!

This is Richie Pans David Mann Shovel he is working on right now.

Hand Cannon

Would hate to be on the other end of this!

I need to start.....

working out again....

Knuckle anyone?